Free Stuff in Brigham City, UT

20-Feb-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
We were given two goldfish, but don t want them. I d love to find a home for them.
20-Feb-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
From a 95 Nissan Quest. We do have the other headrest in the garage. It has been outside this winter, but covered up. I took these pictures last week before the snow. It might fit in a Mercury Villager as well. (When we had to replace on of the seatbelt buckles, we got one off of a Mercury Villager so I think the 2 models are similar.)
20-Feb-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
We upgraded to a plastic one that's easier to clean. It's in need of a new paint. Could be part of a craft project?
20-Feb-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
Several sizes of boxes are obsolete at my work. I'd like for them to be used rather than recycled. Does anyone have a need for the sizes below? 4x2x7.5 6x5x4 10x8x7 10x10x6 12x9x7
13-Feb-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
I have a working Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. Many of the shelves and drawers are broken and have been discarded. I have used it to store garden produce in the winter.
11-Feb-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
Good condition couch small tear on the end of the arm
10-Feb-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
Beautiful couch, needs cleaning and one cushion needs a cover. Matching fabric to make cover can be found at any Walmart.
7-Feb-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
One is in very used condition and is High School Musical with pink on pink designs The other is in really good condition and is Monster High with black and pink on one side and a bunch of the creatures on the other take either or both
5-Feb-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
Bought a loveseat, it came in a BIG box. Looks like something someone could entertain kids with for a while. Let me know before I cut it up to recycle it.
3-Feb-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
In decent condition, we just need more space.
1-Feb-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
A few Friend (years 2014-2016), Ensign (year 2016 minus the conference issues), and New Era (year 2016) magazines. I thought I would ask before recycling these.
30-Jan-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
Four 1 lb bags. I purchased before I realized that I was allergic, so I need to give it away while it is still very new. See the product description on Amazon's site. https://www.amazon.com/Frontier-Powder-CERTIFIED-ORGANIC-package/dp/B000UYIR10/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1517315308&sr=8-1&keywords=frontier+wheatgrass+powder
27-Jan-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
Cloth diapers. Have been around, but may be useful to someone in need. I have some replacement elastic and Velcro which will come with the diapers so you may be able to make them more useful. Brand on most is bumgenius; most are AIOs, some are pockets. They are sized, there are small, medium, and large. Also will throw in some homemade diapers and supplies someone gave me; never used them so do...
25-Jan-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
I have two mattresses, one queen, one twin, that we don't need anymore. They are both older mattresses, but they work fine. We had kids on them, and just upgraded. The queen mattress has several stains on it, and is not pretty to look at. We got it from someone, and it was already stained. The twin has no stains.
19-Jan-2018 Logan, UT (22 miles) Free Stuff
I have a couple bags of bubble wrap and popcorn
15-Jan-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
45 feet of 3/8 inch x 3/16 inch self adhesive foam.
13-Jan-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
FREE - Do you need CLEAN packing peanuts and bubble wrap We generate a few bags a week and would like to give it away for reuse rather than throwing it in the trash. If interested, please email your name and phone number and well tell you where to pick it up.This can be a one-time pick up, or ongoing if you need them regularly. Let me know Pics below are NOT actual photos of the material, somet...
13-Jan-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
Free NO TEXT Before you call, please check out my other items Shop Manual for S90, CL90, C90, CL90, CD90, CT90 This 1977 factory repair manual is on CD in pdf format. 179 pages of text, photos and other information. Click on the MORE ADS BY USER link above to see all my items dont reply to email because of the spam. Reach me by phone, NO TEXT
6-Jan-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
This is a hand pump, more effort than an electric but still works great. I have all the accessories, they've been kept clean on a regular basis, but I won't be offended if you just want the pump. Also have a dish rack for bottles to go with it.
4-Jan-2018 Ogden, UT (20 miles) Free Stuff
This is thick black wool sweater. Apparently hand knitted. About men's size small or large child. The ends of the sleeves are getting tattered, otherwise good condition. Lots of thick wool for felting, if nothing else.
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